PLR trad offers a broad portfolio of language translation, interpreting, writing, editing and proofreading professional services . We do also offer sworn translation and interpretation services.

Our aim: to take care of your language needs and solve any problems related to communication and languages.

Translation is one of the very few human activities where the impossible happens by principle" — Mariano Antolín Rato

At PLR trad we understand translation as a creative and process: reading, understanding, researching, translating, revising, editing… In a nutshell: re-creating a new text respecting the ideas of the original and its author; adapting cultural aspects and even improve some aspects if necessary. Thus, Translating and Proofreading represent an interdisciplinary profession, where intercultural communication plays a key role.


- LANGUAGE EXPERTISE : Language providers must be experts of the translation specific field, but also to hold a thorough knowledge of the languages he works with.
We give special attention to spelling, grammar, style, context and vocabulary richness.

- PROJECT MANAGEMENT : We handle projects with care and accuracy; we are specialised in CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools helping us to respond faster to our client needs.
Moreover, we do care about what the client requires at any time, getting him informed along the translation process. Client receives an initial report and a final analysis of the whole project.

- QUALITY: We gradually elaborate memories and glossaries, style guides and term bases specific to the client's field and projects, giving priority to accuracy, unification, coherence and correct translation of specific terms and contexts.

When requesting a translation, proofreading or copyediting project you must rely on properly prepared professionals.


At PLR trad we have a large portfolio of professionals in translation and interpreting with great qualifications for direct and reverse translation of the EU community languages and Asia.

We take care of your language needs: legal translation, technical, scientific and medical, financial, marketing, software, corporate and sworn, the latters made by interpreters accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, we are aware of market needs. Please, feel free to contact us for any language combination not listed above.

  • Technical sheets
  • Pharmacovigilance reports
  • Research articles
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical patents
  • Prospects
  • Reports and questionnaires
  • Informed consents
  • Health brochures for patients
Construction & Engineering
  • Architecture, urbanism and territorial planning
  • Electrical substations and water pumping
  • Naval Engineering: machinery, ships, etc.
  • Airport construction and other infraestructures
  • Rail and electrical network
  • Automotive:car parts manufacturing, tires…
  • User guide of electrical and domestic appliances
  • Optical and microscope lenses
IT, software
  • SAP and enterprise integration ERP systems
  • Software and website localization
  • Telephony, mobile applications
  • User manuals for tools and software
Scientific field
  • Renewable energies
  • Marine science
  • Environment
  • Veterinary


While a good translation is a tool to make your way to the international level, a nicely written text is the best presentation of any company or business, a fact which may be key for your success.

At PLR trad we offer two types of professional proofreading services:

  • Coherence and cohesion of the texts
  • Text layout
  • Adequacy of vocabulary
  • Accuracy and style
  • Spelling and ortography check
  • Punctuation consistency
  • Unification of headings, footnotes, quotes
  • Fonts, bold, italic…


At PLR trad we offer professional localisation services.

Localisation is more than the translation of a product. Companies need to localise software with the aim of overcoming cultural barriers for their products and reaching a larger target audience. Localisation is the result of combining translation and adaptation to a specific culture .

What is Software Localisation?
Software localization is the process of adapting internationalized software for a specific culture and country , including the software itself and all related product documentation.

Website localisation

Website localisation is the process of adapting an existing website to local language and culture in the target market . We work with advanced tools that help us to translate texts without modifying HTML and other languages tags.

Mobile app localisation

It is essential to consider the minimum and maximum amount of characters; it is also very important to have a deep knowledge of the terminology specific to each platform. If the user doesn’t understand how your application works, chances of them downloading it are reduced to none. It is also about how to make users feel comfortable with your translated apps.

Localisation process
  • Analysis of the material received and identification of the tools required for localization
  • Technical and linguistic/cultural assessment
  • Development of cultural adaptation strategies
  • Creation and update of terminology glossaries
  • Translation to the target language
  • Adaptation of the user interface, including resizing of forms and dialogs
  • Localization of graphics, images, scripts or other media with visible text, symbols, etc.
  • Compilation of the localized files for testing
  • Quality assurance (linguistic and technical QA)
  • Project delivery

You may contact us to request a quote so we can determine and offer guidance on what type of interpreting is suitable for your needs.


  • Orientation courses and workshops for translation, editing and proofreading
  • Document layout (Illustrator, InDesign…)
  • Proofreading in bilingual format
  • QA
  • Video and audio files transcription
  • Review of translations from third parties
  • Technical wording:
  • Documentation of meetings or travel
  • Presentations
  • Announcements
  • Academic papers/documents (projects, dissertations)


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